Ome of the Rock structure and structural changes, why it is important, how it passed from Muslims to Christians and Jews, and pilgrim narratives.

For my research project I need you to be looking into the structure of the Dome of the Rock, which is located in Jerusalem, through the period 1099-1244 AD and the structural changes that it underwent. The Dome of the Rock is one of the oldest works of Islamic architecture and one of Jerusalemi??s most recognizable holy landmarks. You will also be researching some pilgrim narratives and chroniclers to determine how they see the Dome of the Rock. The history of the Dome of the Rock is unique for many reasons, like how the landmark has passed from Muslims to Christians, then back to the Muslims. Muslims, Christians, and Jews all have religious beliefs related to this holy landmark. I will go through each one; Muslims revere this Prophet Muhammad at the Night Journey, Christians believe the Antichrist must enter the temple before Christi??s return, and Jews believe this is where Abraham took Ishmael as a potential sacrifice to God. Throughout this research paper, I will go through all topics and in the conclusion relate them all. Please go in depth about details and the importance of the main topics to help the readers get a better understanding of what the Dome of the Rock is, how it became important, and why it is still a memorable and admirable landsite today.