Omeostatic Mechanisms and Malfunctions Leading to Disorders

1) Describe the mechanisms of the homeostatic system using diagrams either drawn or taken from websites to give a clear account of the main systems involved in homeostasis and how they work, including that it is a regulatory system essential for the maintenance of a steady state in the body.

2) Explain positive and negative homeostatic feedback. This is best done through annotated diagrams. (MAX 250 WORDS)

3) Explain how possible malfunctions in the homeostatic mechanisms can lead to disorders and what these do to the body. You must consider all internal regulatory mechanisms, including blood glucose control, temperature and water regulation. You dont need to give detailed descriptions of treatment but should show a clear understanding of the effects of the disorders and how they are rectified.

Can you keep the essay in single spacing and size 12 font? Can you also separate the 3 points above into paragraphs so they can be easily distinguished?

Referencing Requirements:
Websites (NEVER wikipedia)