Omestic abuse and child contact: what lessons can social workers learn from the approaches of other agencies?

My literature review is in two parts, I have already completed the first which introduced the topic area (domestic abuse and parent/ child contact) and the key debates, concerns and existing legal and policy framework surrounding it. I am focusing upon the apparent tensions and contradictions that are evident in professional discourses and practices across work with victims of domestic violence (namely womens aid agencies) and child contact (CAFCASS); and child protection and safeguarding (statutory social work). This is a UK based discussion.

The guidance for the literature view I would like written is:

In this section you are expected to develop a critical discussion which seeks to answer your research question by drawing on evidence from the sources you have identified. Questions to consider include:
a? What does the literature tell you about your research question?
a? How has existing research been conducted and what are the strengths and weaknesses of the methods used in the context of the research question?
a? Are the findings from different research studies comparable or do they contradict each other?
a? Do any of the research findings call into question current policy and practice in the area?
Here the aim is to build a a?meta analysisa drawing on the results from across the sources you have identified rather than simply discussing each article in turn. As such the findings may be presented in one chapter or a number of themed chapters with an overarching discussion at the end.