Omestic Abuse and women in the criminal justice sysytem as victims and criminals

For this paper, students are to select a topic from the list below to research and analyze the issues surrounding the selected topic. Students will be required to use an additional academic journal article, such as the Journal of Sociology, Womenas Studies Quarterly or the Journal of Criminology, in their paper as well as governmental statistics to support their analysis. If a student is not sure if a journal article is acceptable for use, she/he should check with the instructor. All data must be properly documented. Students may use MLA or APA style of documentation. Grammar and spelling will affect studentas grade. Please use 12-point font and double space your papers. Papers should be 3 a 4 pages in length. The Internet as well as most libraries allow student to access reliable research material. If students are not able to access the Internet or journal articles, students should contact their professor to make other arrangements.