Omestic Adoptions vs International Adoptions

Each student is to select one particular issue, concept, theory, etc from one of the chapters in the textbook which you found interesting and discuss it in further detail. The focus of the discussion should:
a?List the known facts.
a?Present references, citations that support or reject the arguments.
a?Propose how the issue might be approached.
a?What conclusions and recommendations can be made about the topic based on the knowledge that you have accumulated and presented in your paper?
a?Reference using in-text citations linked to an annotated Works Cited at the end of your paper using ASA Style.
a?Review and print off the grading rubric to guide the construction of your research paper.
a?Do not use Wikipedia for this assignment. . Checklist for Research Paper .1. My research topic is from a topic of interest discussed in the textbook.
2. My paper is 6 9 pages in length.
3. My paper is double spaced.
4. I have used ASA style in-text citations to support and defend my work linked to an ASA style a?works citeda? page.
5. I have provided a Works citedpage at the end of the paper listing all sources cited. (The page must be typed according to the ASA format).
6. I have used a minimum of five (5) different sources cited in this paper.
7. I have edited the paper for spelling and grammar.
8. My name is on the paper.
9. Follow this format to structure your paper.
A. Label the first section a?Introduction.a? This is important. This tells me what the student will write about, briefly describes the issue, and guides the construction of your paper.
B. Label the next section a?Theory.a? Here the student will describe how theory explains or gives insight to your issue. Define the theory first, and then discuss how that theory explains the issue. Repeat this process for each theory.
C. Label the next section a?Research.a? Here the student will describe research that is intended to support theoretical explanations.
D. Label the next section a?Critical Analysis.a? Here the student will critically evaluate the weakness of the data; what it doesnat say; its limitations, if any, that can be discerned by the student or authors; whether it is generalizable to support the theoretical explanation of the issue; present evidence that refutes the research or whether the research supports or does not support the studentas own observations and experiences. Is the evidence convincing? Why or why not?
E. Label the next section a?Conclusion.a? Here the student will summarize what they learned about the issue, the efficacy of the theory (ies) to explain the issue, and finish with a lingering unanswered question for future research.