Omestic Intelligence and Priorities versus Politics

A key issue in post-September 11 homeland security discussions is the collection of domestic intelligence by law enforcement to protect citizens from terrorist attack. In contrast, many U.S. citizens believe that increased domestic intelligence collection will result in violations of American citizensa civil liberties. Discuss whether you believe the increased collection of domestic intelligence will lead to increased violation of American civil liberties. Is a decrease in civil liberties is worth the further protection from terrorism that might be gained through increased domestic intelligence collection?

Describe how the government determines what are key infrastructure and key assets and whether resources are distributed appropriately. Comment on whether you think this is an effective system or if it needs improvement. Do you believe this system truly identifies the most critical infrastructure in the U.S.? Consider the critical infrastructures listed in the text: Since risk management is based on prioritizing resource allocation based on cost-benefit analysis, apply risk management and assess which critical infrastructure(s) you think is most important and how to mitigate the potential risks to it.