Omestic Violence and Elder Abuse Policy

This paper must be written by an American Law Professional. This person must speak english fluently! This paper must done according to APA 6th edition without an Abstract paragraph! I will upload a sample of the APA format to you. The APA upload that I will send you has an Abstract paragraph, just ignore it! Everything else is the same. I need you to prepare a 3,000 word paper in which you research the relevant statistics,facts,resources,and public opinions to develop your own local,statewide,or federal policy related to my slected topic,Domestic Violence and Elderly Abuse Policy. Your policy paper should include statistical,factual,and public opinion history information which supports your policy claim. Be sure to identify all stakeholders(e.g.,politicians,judges,prosecutors,defense attorneys,correctional officers and administrators,law enforcement officers and administrators,victims,law-abiding citizens,etc.)and their opinions as it relates to your proposed policy and how politics may impact its implementation. Additionally,provide policy recommendations and the rationale for these recommendations and their impact on contemporary criminal justices issues and globalization. Note:The National Criminal Justice Reference Service has many articles reflecting contemporary criminal justice policies. http://