Omestic Violence and Infant/Child Mortality

3 pages not including references. Please reference all materials in APA format. you can use multiple sources but the information has to be from peer review journals pub med, jstor for example
Content of paper
Purpose of your research
Brief Background Noting
a. Types of studies examined
b. Types of participants that studies included
c.Data collection methods
d.Major results found in studies
e.Major conclusions of your research
f. Next steps that should be examined in the literature
This paper should completly follow APA guides with respect to source attribution, references, headings and subheadings, logic and content.
My research paper topic is domestic violence/intimate partner violence and infant/child mortality. You can also include factors associated with the domestic violence like socioeconomic status, gender that may influence the domestic violence in pregnancy that affects infant/child mortality. ANy questions/clarifications please contact me asap to avoid in errors