Omestic violence and risk assessment frameworks (Bachelor social work Australia)

The course isBachelor of Social work in Australia

Course titleDomestic violence and risk assessment frameworks

Questions to be answered

1.Give an example of a risk assessment model that can be used in relation to domestic violence
2. How would you use it when working with a client?
3. What questions would you use?
4.How would you build rapport?

I would like 5 references, which must include: –

Titterton, M2005, Risk and risk taking in health and social welfare, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London. (2005)-Chapter 4 and 5

Riggs, D.S., Caulfield, M.B. & Street, A.E. 2000, a?Risk for domestic violence: factors associated with perpetration and victimizationa, Journal of clinical psychology, vol. 56, no. 10, pp.1289-1316. (Online)