Omestic Violence in the family: Is the Post-Milan family therapy the solution?

1) Composition and language: AV/hand-outs and oral presentation are polished, professional and clear in composition and tone.
2) Referencing and Citation (APA): All references cited correctly and fully support argument.
3) Structure of argument: Constructs a lucid argument from an informed position.
4) Theory & Methods: Shows original thought in assimilation of material. Approach is predominantly analytic / discursive.
5) Critical Evaluation: Critical awareness of theory and methodological limitations. Sophisticated scrutiny and critique of key issues.
6) Theory applied to practice: Excellent understanding of current practice and the potential impact of recent theory and research on it.
7) Professional & Ethical Issues: Excellent appreciation of ethical issues. Evidence of independent thought on professional dilemmas.
8) Reflection & Learning: Excellent reflexivity, and awareness. Fosters, attends to, and uses audience engagement and feedback.