Omestic Violence :Why does she stay in abusive relationship?

This project will be based on research extracted SECONDARY DATA: General academic text ,Specific scholarly works ,jurnals, articles ,internet sites,NGO (United Kingdom ) etc.
HIGHT IMPORTANCE : Bibliography ,References , Quotes MUST follow Harvard System of referencing (author , page number ,year ) New Chapter New Page etc.

Books need to be included
Dobash.R.Eand Dobash .R.P (1992)Women Violence and Social change “. London Routlege
Hague.G. And Malo.E (1993)Domestic Violence Action for change .New Clarion Press
Mooney .J (2000) Gender ,Violence and the Social Order . Macmillan Press Ltd London
Choudhry .S and Herring .J (2008) Righting Domestic Violence In Freeman ed Domestic Violence . Frunham :Ashgate publishing Limited
Browne ,A (1993) Violence against Women by male partners ;Prevelance ,outcomes and Policy implication

Literature Review
Research Methodology and Ethic
Presentation of Reasearch Findings
Analysis and Discussionof findings
I would suggest that you choose research data methodology,but please be in contact during the progress. And if possible to send the literature review before completion, as I have to check with my supervisor. Dont want the whole work rejected.