Omfort Womenstatue in Glendale, California, and issue of Strategic rapearound the world

I have my thesis and need 4 more pages to complete this research paper. It is important that the whole writing must sound like one person wrote this thing. (I uploaded a sample writing as an example) br /br /
The issue is basically about the Comfort Womenstatue in Glendale, California, and I think it is not suppose to be removed no matter what because people need to well aware of this issue of Strategic rapewhich still is happening around the world wherever the war is. The thing is, I dont want to see this statue as a result of the conflict between specific /
I have 1st draft of this, but in is not a formal writing and still need bunch of things such as: need to explain the issue and provide a context for the reader, what comfort women are, what has been problematic about the discussion relating to comfort women, has Japan formally recognized, apologized, provided reparation to them and their families (of comfort women), and need to explain the problem to the readers clearly. br /br /
The full instruction page & my drafts along with the sources are uploaded; and I prefer MLA 7 /br /
Id like to see the drafts of the writing that shows the progress/development of the paper also.