Omic book, advertisement, art (Re)Construction

Responding to the Image World: Creating Images Activity

Here is an opportunity for you to try your own hand at recreating images to see what additional messages, themes, or ideas they offer based upon Nadaners notions of pervasive, invisible, and possible (see Learning Module examples as well as Nadaners article).

Part I
First, select a comic book, comic strip, advertisement or physical art object such as those found in the learning module to review. The item you select should be gendered in some way. Then consider the following questions about it. Include specific, direct and cited, references from course readings for the week as part of your discussion.
What is the general feel of this item? What mood, tone, or feeling would you apply to it?
If it is an advertisement, what is the Thingbeing sold? If it is a comic strip or book, what is the storyline?
What does the text or ad copy imply or mean?
What are the subtexts or implied meanings?
What is the implied relationship between the product and the characters in the comic or ad or other artwork? What is the implied relationship between you, the audience member/consumer/viewer, and the item you have selected?
Who are the intended readers, consumers, or viewers? Secondary audiences?
Does this selected work reinforce or challenge a binary system of gender? Explain your answer.
Part II
Now, using scissors, glue and other physical supplies or through an image manipulation computer program, reconstruct the advertisement.

Then, answer the following, again include specific reference citations from course readings for the week:
How does my reconstruction of this work relate to the readings and ideas weave discussed thus far, especially during this week?
How did I represent the body? relationships? purpose between audience and story, product, or other viewer?
Does my reconstruction reinforce or challenge the binary system of gender? systems of class and race?