Ommemoration Speech of English Musician John Lennon

This is a Commemorative Speech. This speech should praise or celebrate John Lennon. The fundamental purpose is to inspire the audience and heightening their admiration for the subject being praised. Some of the main ideas can revolve around what he stood for such as love, peace, non violence and equality, as examples.

The speech should present factual background information about the subject, but a commemorative speech is different than an information speech. You will communicate information clearly and accurately but need to focus on expressing own feeling-stand responses which will arouse sentiment. ( I know it may be weird to ask to reflect on personal connection even if you may not have one, but your responses should be admirational to the subject even if you dont believe it.) I am terrible at writing these type of speeches, which is why Ive turned to this site so a professional writer can help.

This speech will rely on creative and subtle use of language. Avoid cliches and trite sentiment. Use 5 different types of imagery: similes, metaphors, repetition, alliteration, antithesis, personification or parallelism.

3 paragraphs total: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.
IntroUse attention getter, reveal subject clearly, Smooth transitions into the body.

BodyStart to mention the main points here, do not list them in your introduction. Build sentences with choice of vocabulary and language techniques. Insert thoughts and feelings and appeal emotions. *Without this, it just makes it an informational speech.

ConclusionThink about technique (summary, reference to introduction, quotation, dramatic statement.)

Please message me if you want anything to be clarified. Or if you consider to ask me to change the subject to something that may have more importance to you. If so, ask me first.