Ommemorative Address on the anniversary of 9/11

I am taking a speech writing course. The instructions for me are as follows:

Write a Commemorative Address: Assume that you work on the staff of a state governor, a U. S. Senator, or the President, and you are assigned the task of writing a speech for him/her to give at the observance of a significant event in U. S. or state history. Your task is to write a speech for the President speaking on the anniversary of 9/11. Do some research and write an appropriate speech.

Write a speech that 1) is a fitting response to the type of situation/occasion for which it is to be given, 2) is appropriately adapted to the proper audience, and 3) makes creative and effective use of available rhetorical strategies and techniques.

For this speech, please use one or two quotes where appropriate. (A quote from the bible may be good, I think.)

Thanks so much!