a) Use and acknowledgement of an appropriate range of sources for the particular topic.
It is impossible to specify the exact number because these will vary from subject to subject, but an excellent essay will normally be based on a number of sources, reflecting various viewpoints and approaches. It is also crucial that references are provided in the essay when particular interpretations or arguments are attributable to a particular source, that all direct quotations are demonstrated by quotation marks and that bibliography includes all the sources that you have used.

b) Accuracy of information

c)Structure and style.

d) A strong sense of relevance
It is no use including masses of information and arguments in the hope that the reader will accept that the question has been answered. The essay must have demonstrable relevance at every point and it is crucial that you answer the exact question that has been asked.

e) Consciousness of bias and subjectivity
Good essays do not present particular viewpoints as if they are Revealed truth”.
This does not mean that the good essay avoids taking a position and must always present an equal number of arguments for and against a particular position; but when the writer takes a definite Lineon a topic,s/he must show awareness of other possibilities and demonstrate the reasons for arguing in favour of the particular position.

f)Analytical and conceptual qualities
Again, these vary from subject, but in all academic work the best essays are those which show an ability not only to present data but to argue, categorise, analyse and generalise, as appropriate.

g) Ability to subject the sources to critical evaluation and synthesis.
It is inssuficient simply to repeat the arguments or information contained in the sources. Instead an attempt should be made to use them to present a distinctive approach to the topic.

h) Originality
I prefer the Harvard referencing system but I dont mind if you use the footnote system or any other system as long as it is used consistently