Omment on the barriers you encountered that impacted your teamas ability to realize its full potential.

The concept:

Starting to work three years ago at the hospital on a new project, the critical data quality issues were discovered which impacted on overall performance. The level of data reliability had to be communicated and needed action had to be taken to improve the situation as it was required to provide effective and accurate data to inform decision-making when faced with important decision about the type of services to deliver and how to deliver them, for strategic and operational plan management, to support many analysis and initiatives.

The team didnat recognize the implications of reporting data quality as they could not see the details as used top-bottom approach to manage data. Due to the bottom-up approach which was used in costing project all data inconsistencies and data incompleteness become evident.

The team is diverse, with different background and beliefs. Also some colleagues were reluctant for any changes. My challenge was I have just first experience being involved into leading role. It was pretty hard to start and it took around one year to change cardinally the situation that kept us from success. Later on I developed the optimal concept to bring the most complicated issues for discussion, involve teamas attention and understanding. I used to different levels of presentations to visually outline the benefit to report on reliable and valid data and the loss when operating with insufficient data.
As the result we improve data quality (by 34%), the performance (by 25%) and accountability significantly.