Omment on thematic and stylistic differences between John Keatss Hyperionand The Fall of Hyperion”.

This should be a critical essay not a research paper, and thus require that the poems are read and understood with thoughtfulness and familiarity. The Romantic poets of which John Keats is one are the most inspiring in all of literature and they did all they could to extend our sense of the universe in its many social and natural aspects. Keatss energy and vision should be apparent in this essay, and that can only come from reading and understanding Hyperionand The Fall of Hyperioncritically with an eye for significant detail as well as overarching principles. The essay should emphasize critical interaction with the poems and thereby lead to connections with larger contexts.

You should expect the reader of the essay to be someone who is familiar with the Romantic poets but has not yet considered the topic chosen or the manner in which it is being approached.

1. The essay must have a clear central thesis
2. The essay must be written and organised clearly
3. The essay shows familiarity with the text and includes citations that are important to the topic. Avoid vague and excessive generalization
4. The essay shows how the details of the topic connects with other and larger aspects of the works and themes
All you need to do is add line or page numbers in parenthesis immediately after the quotation; there is no need for an endnote. When quoting three or more lines of verse, set them off as an indented  paragraph without the use of quotation marks. Two lines or less should simply be included in the sentence with the line information after it ie (11. 1-2)