Omment on why innovation is critical to success. (please limit your answer to 250 words.)

I need to complete two essays for admission for MBA in Health Administration program. I have completed essay 1 and 2 but I need to complete essay 3 and 4. I have decided to try your service and if it looks good enough I will send the topic for essay 4.
My main idea is presented below but I think that the presentation itself should be entirely rewritten:
Comment on why innovation is critical to success.

I strongly believe that adopting new ideas, advantageous strategies, methods and technologies as well as supporting other positive organizational changes are leading to process improvement and organizational success.

Recently I have involved into a part of such innovative process and get a real evidence of the formula that leads to success. Newly initiated at CAMH case costing project revealed the quality characteristics we operated with that impacted performance and yielded the need of involving innovations in the areas of strategic leadership, competitive intelligence, management of technology and change process. The new and unexpected quality analysis became the starting point for further investigation and involved advanced practical implications such as understanding the hospital change processes, improving quality of the services provided through supporting the organizational change. All of these implications triggered developing new skills, better performance and communication that influenced on all aspects of hospital life and today show stable growth of the organizational success.

Also new initiatives were formed for critical programs that offered better support for clients and helped better address the patientsa needs. It was recognized that new framework organization has to be developed and finally the panning process of developing new Canadian Information System was initiated. The initiated innovation processes dramatically increased the hospital performance, actively involving employees into communication processes and high rocketed pool of sharing meanings. As the result, it presents practical evidence that the innovative processes lead to the culture expectations and competence-based focus.”

My background:
I am working at the hospital at Financial department as Sr. Business Analyst since 2008 year. I act as an administrator of case costing system, maintaining annual cost model, improving functionality, integrating required ongoing structure changes and manage tremendous amount of information available from various patient care departments.
I am gathering statistical, financial and clinical data from various patient care operations when working diligently with various counterparts across organization.
As part of data collection and verification processes I identify data quality issues, investigate root causes of the discovered problems and share improvement strategy through developing reports, presentations and discussions.

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