Ommentaries of The Thief of Bagdad 1924 (China Version)

*Content:identify an argument and discuss it in relation to the designated film.

*Focus:Your ability to articulate someone else argument and state your interpretation of a film in relation to that argument; more factual information or plot summary wont count as argument.

*Length:1 double-space page or 350 words for each short paper; the portion in excess of the limit will not be graded for credit.

*Grading: 3 points for identification of an argument and logical transition, 3 points for film discussion focused on details, and 4 for writing(grammar, expression, coherence and style.)

*Always indicate your name in the first page of your writing.
*In general, use the MLA reference style.

*For commentaries, no separate reference items are needed.

*When citing a web source, give the exact URL and the name of the web site if available.

*Reduce functional phrases and repetitions like I believe or in Leo Lees article, Lee writes…