Ommentaries on two other studentsa application projects

Application Project Commentary

The purpose of this weekly assignment is for students to prepare two commentaries on two other studentsa application projects that include the following components:

a) use of APA format providing integration of applicable textbook readings for the week,
b) application of relevant theoretical understanding as it applies to the research papers reviewed,
c) demonstration of an understanding of the different types of social research methods learned and practiced for the week, and
d) integration of noteworthy personal insights gained through reading each paper.


Details: Prepare two, each a minimum of 200 words, commentaries on two other students application projects, focusing on the four components outlined above. Write the commentaries using critical thought and reasoning as well as personal opinion based on experience. This assignment is designed to increase your ability to define and describe the concepts, issues, and principles of the sociological concepts that have been examined for the week.

IMPORTANT This is not to be a critique of the other students work, but an evaluation based in sociological analysis (using the components above) as well as what you learned from it, how it changed your mind, how it helped you, etc. These commentaries are to be kept knowledge based and positive.

One way to view this assignment is to conduct a review of what is being presented in each paper and then answer these questions:

a) What did I learn this week in the textbook that augments the findings here?
b) What social theory does this research support?
c) What type of social research is being used here?
d) What personal insights did I gain from reading this paper?

Answer these questions using APA format citing from the textbook as appropriate.

The facilitator will be looking for depth of insight, the application of the sociological concepts that are explored each week, and the personal perspective and application of the study of sociology to real world experiences by you. Your answers must include proper spelling, grammar, and APA references to the basic components of sociological theory and sociological research covered for the week. This will include, but not be limited to, the effects of cultural, class, and gender diversity in society as outlined in the literature for the week.

When you are commenting on other students application projects, there are some items to remember:

1. You do not comment on how good or bad a students application project is.
2. You do not comment on whether or not a student adhered to APA style, or whether or not spelling and grammar is correct. That is my responsibility.
3. You need to comment on the overall subject of the projects.
4. Most of all, you need to comment on the research methodology and theory that applies to the projects.

Following these instructions can help you be successful.

For this assignment, I would be able to send you the posts of the other students as soon as they post them. No title page or headers or reference page will be needed for this assignment. Just tell me what paper it was and then a paragraph or so for the response. This paper is due no later than Sat, 8/4 at 12 noon, and as I said before, I will get to you the papers that you need to use as soon as they submit them. If you have any questions please let me know.