Ommentary Essay on an episode, The first 48.”

An essay, MINIMUM 1,000 (thats equivalent to 4 pages in 12 pt. font, double-spaced) on the following subject:

Please watch at least ONE episode of the TV program: The First 48. This program is aired on the A&E Channel. You can also view full episodes on the A&E website if the TV schedule is inconvenient for you.
While watching the program I want you to keep track of the dynamics between the police officers and the community. Take into account where the crimes are committed, how they go about finding witnesses and suspects, and how well (or not) the community cooperates with them.
The program will tell you the city in which the particular case is in, so I also want you to do some research on that city for your paper. Please find out the citys population, and most importantly, find out about the police department, and try including crime rate data, if possible.
In your essay I want you to discuss the Police in Societyelement, (Police and Society is our course!) Discuss the relationship (if any) the detectives had with the community. Were the residents cooperative? How about the interrogation process (if any)? Were the police officers effective in their approach?

Please do not take too much time summarizing the episode for me. Im mostly interested in gauging how well you are able to incorporate issues and perspectives learned in this course to a REAL-LIFE situation. Please let me know what episode you watched.

So basically, I want a commentary on your part where you are analyzing the police and their tactics and strategies .You can comment on the residents as well.

Please remember to CITE YOUR SOURCES OF INFORMATION. Not just in the reference section of your paper, but WITHIN the paper as well. If you state a fact, you must cite where you got that fact from (in your paper).