Ommentary for IB Literature Facebooksonnet

Commentary on Facebooksonnet. Introduction must include the title, author, type of text, writers intention, quick synopsis of poem and words to describe overall tone. A topic sentence and three point explanation analysis analysis that are related to the topic sentence per paragraph. br /
The poem is as follows:br /
br /
Welcome to the endless high-schoolbr /
Reunion. Welcome to past friendsbr /
And lovers, however kind or /
Letas undervalue and unmendbr /
br /
The present. Why canat we pretendbr /
Every stage of life is the same?br /
Letas exhume, resume, and extendbr /
Childhood. Letas play all the gamesbr /
br /
That occupy the young. Let famebr /
And shame intertwine. Let oneas searchbr /
For God become public /
Let become our churchbr /
br /
Letas sign up, sign in, and confessbr /
Here at the altar of loneliness.