Ommentary on language as a tool of power in The Handmaids Tale by Atwood and examples of language as a tool of power in modern day society

I hoping for a speech out of this. Please include references from the book.
Some info that might help and that should be addressed: Gilead creates an official vocabulary that ignores and warps reality in order to serve the needs of the new societyas elite. Having made it illegal for women to hold jobs, Gilead creates a system of titles. Whereas men are defined by their military rank, women are defined solely by their gender roles as Wives, Handmaids, or Marthas. Stripping them of permanent individual names strips them of their individuality, or tries to. Feminists and deformed babies are treated as subhuman, denoted by the terms a?Unwomena? and a?Unbabies.a? Blacks and Jews are defined by biblical terms (a?Children of Hama? and a?Sons of Jacob,a? respectively) that set them apart from the rest of society, making their persecution easier. There are prescribed greetings for personal encounters, and to fail to offer the correct greetings is to fall under suspicion of disloyalty. Specially created terms define the rituals of Gilead, such as a?Prayvaganzas,a? a?Salvagings,a? and a?Particicutions.a? Dystopian novels about the dangers of totalitarian society frequently explore the connection between a stateas repression of its subjects and its perversion of language (a?Newspeaka? in George Orwellas 1984 is the most famous example), and The Handmaidas Tale carries on this tradition. Gilead maintains its control over womenas bodies by maintaining control over names.