Ommentary on Nicolas Stargardts article, The Final Solution

Commentary on Nicolas Stargardti??s article, i??The Final Solutioni??
The article will be uploaded to you

Read the article and answer the questions below

1Explain the key issues in the article
2Discuss the historical explanations for i??why the Holocaust/Shoah happenedi??
3Who, according to the article, are the key players in the i??final solutioni???
4What are Stargardti??s conclusions and how does he arrive at them?
5Finally, give me at least 2 questions and/or areas that you didni??t understand or have questions about

* Make a title for each of the questions
* Answer each of the 5 points under a separate heading
* Give me a bibliography page i?? even though it will only have 1 reference (the article) on it.

Added on 22.05.2015 02:58
Here is the Article attached for the assignment, please read the instructions carefully! and let me know if you have any questions.