Ommercial Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

This paper is for an Anthropology Course: Culture and the Environment”.

Paper Guidelines:

10 pages of Text, double spaced.

Research topic and show how the problems associated with it are being addressed in a particular culture. The culture here is the United States.

7 of the sources must be Peer-Review or Scholarly. No Wikipedia.

Complete and accurate Works Cited…that is all references in Works Cited must be cited in the body of the paper, and all references cited in the paper must appear in Works Cited. I dont require that you use a specific style, but whatever you use, it must be consistent throughout the paper.

Finally, BE VERY CAREFUL THAT YOU DO NOT PLAGIARIZE…WARNING…it is really easy to plagiarize, even when you dont mean to. If you plagiarize, even without intention, you could get a ZERO on this paper, so BE CAREFUL !!!