Ommercial Law I (Scottish Law)Assignment

I am a Second year Undergraduate student in Edinburgh University (Scotland) studying Commercial Law (Scottish Law). The Assignment should be 2000 words in Scottish Law.

Commercial Law I (Scottish Law)Assignment

Students are required to attempt both part A and part B.
Word-count should be no more than 2,000 words (with the standard university allowance of approximately 10%), please make sure there no Plagiarism.

Students should attempt to complete both parts of the question.
(A) Explain the ways in which the contract of agency may be constituted.


(B) Yvonne likes to take her lovely black Labrador Rory for long week-ends away to the country-side to get over her stressful work-week. She has asked her agent Dave to purchase a second-hand caravan for her.

Yvonne has expressly stipulated that Dave was not to pay more than A?5,000.

Dave could not find the kind of caravan that Yvonne wanted at this price, but entered into a contract with a?Crumbly Caravans Ltd.a to buy a caravan for A?7,000 without telling them that he was buying it for someone else. Initially Yvonne agreed to take the caravan for A?7,000, but when a?Crumbly Caravans Ltda tried to deliver it, both Yvonne and Dave refused to take delivery.

Advise a?Crumbly Caravans Ltd.a
Reading List –This List contains some of the academic literature which students may find useful whilst undertaking the Commercial Law one course.
General Reading
C. Ashton et al. a?Understanding Scots Lawa? (2007 Thomson/ W. Green) especially Chapters 1, 2,7,10 and 11.
G. Black et al. a?Business Law in Scotlanda? (2008 Thomson/ W. Green) especially Chapters 1, 2, 4, 9, 10, 15.
McFadzean et al. a?Introduction to Law and Legal Obligations (2006 Dundee University Press) especially Chapters 1, 2, 4, and 5.
H. MacQueen and J. Thomson a?Contract Law in Scotlanda? (2000 Butterworthas).
N. Busby et al. Scots Law: A Student Guide 3rd Ed. (2009 Butterworthas) note this is also the core text for the Commercial Law 1 Course in 2nd year.
A.D. Forte ed. Scots Commercial Law (1997 Butterworthas)
M MacMillan & S Lambie. Scots Business Law 3rd Ed. (1997 Pitman)
C Ashton et al. Fundamentals of Scots Law1st Ed. (2003 W. Green & Son Ltd.)
Further Reading
AA Paterson et al. The Legal System of Scotland: Cases and Materials 4th Ed. (1999 W Green/ Sweet & Maxwell) especially Chapters 1-4 and 14-16
R White and ID Wilock. The Scottish Legal System 2nd Ed. (1999 Butterworths) especially Chapters 1 7
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