Ommercial Property Management in Australia

The report is research based and must have the following:

1. A one page Executive Summary
2. A one page Introduction
3. 7 pages of Central Main Body of Report
4. A one page conclusion.

There are 2 questions in the report:

1. Provide a brief overview and analysis of the LAW pertaining to Commercial Property Management in Australia.

This sections requires us to describe the operation of the key principles which operate in Commercial Property Management In Australia from TWO separate angles, (i) Common Law & Equity and (ii) Statutory Law.

The areas of agent & principal, the agents duty of care, agents responsibilities to the client and other associated sub-topics as necessary.

2. Provide an explanation of the KEY Occupational Health and Safety Provisions which affect Commercial Property Management Practice in Victoria (Australia).

This questions requires us to provide an analysis and evaluation of the manner in which the Victorian (in Australia) Occupational Health & Safety legislation impacts upon contemporary Commercial Property Management practice. In order to provide a COMPETENT treatment, you will need to thoroughly research the relevant Victorian OH&S leglislation (in its full length & breath) as follows:
The Victorian Occupational Heath & Safety Act 2000
The Victorian Occupational Health & Safety Act
Regulation 2001
The function of the Victorian Workcover Authority (relevant provisions/requirements).

These legislations may be accessed on the web at

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