Ommercial sexual exploitation of children analysis and policy recommendations

This is the continuation of the capstone project on the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). It should focus on NYC, Thailand, Sweden and India. Please see the introduction, background and methodology section so there is a good flow and that it all makes sense. I am also attaching the outline assignment.

It should include charts and tables where appropriate. In the analysis section we should look at the underlying issues and how each of the countries/city defines the problem of CSEC and how they are addressing it. Would the short term or long term changes that the locations have change the problem? Do these countries have things in common, if so, what? What links these locations together? What is the process of recruitment for CSEC? Is the population (ages, etc) similar?

There is also a threat reduction assessment article that I am attaching that I would like to have used.

It is really important that each paragraph is cited and has the appropriate resources. You may use my colleges librarys website with my personal information. My user name is KD084563 and the password is 780927.