Ommercial sexual exploitation of children in NYC and across the globe; whats working and whats not

I need to provide the introduction and background section of my capstone paper for my masters in public administration. The overall guideline is solutions to an organizational or policy problem that crosses national boundaries. I have a global focus and want to concentrate on programs that address the commercial sexual exploitation of children, highlighting New York City and possibly countries like India, Sweden, Thailand etc. What works and what doesnt. There is a program in NYC called GEMS that is really fascinating.

I am synthesizing previous research.
Intro and BackgroundIt should address
a. what is the problem the paper with address
b. describe the history of the problem
c. describe what is currently being done about the problem
d. address why this is an issue we should care about
e. Briefly introduce the alternative solutions to the problem that will be evaluated in the paper.