Ommercial sexual exploitation of childrenpart 2 Methodology

I asked for some revisions for the first part of my paper (order 801014) so that more citations were used. There are a number of paragraphs with great information but it is unclear where the information comes from. Specifically you talk about one program in NYC and it doesnt say what the program is (separate from GEMS). Also I need the sources used to be scholarly sources and not website material. I can provide my schools login info so you have access to the library and the sources there.

This order is for the next part of the paper is the methodology section. The paper needs to state what variables am i using and why they are important. Why are they important for implementing policy? I need to describe the data, methods, and variables used to evaluate alternative solutions to the problem. Specifically to find a program or two in NYC (GEMS included), Thailand, India and Sweden that works with the CSEC population and what the programs are doing to help the population. The paper must assess whether there are institution, financial or political barriers to the implementation of the alternative solutions and whether the potential solutions, if implemented would achieve a set of relevant goals.

We need to address what aspects of the programs would work in NYC and why. What needs to change in NYC for the programs we find in Thailand, India and Sweden and even GEMS in NYC to work better. What role does cultural play into it? If once country does something better why that is so compared to another (financial, cultural, or political). If there are no scholarly sources for the programs we find we are allowed to triangulate press analysis, funder analysis (they do they choose to fund the specific programs and NGO analysis.

The next part of the paper will be analysis of alternative solutions.