Ommission of the European Communities v. Italian Republic

Please review the case Commission of the European Communities v. Italian Republic Case C-14/00 (2003) European Court of Justice. The paper must have the following sections broken out with these Headings:
1) The Facts A brief summary of circumstances that resulted in the lawsuit.
2) The Lower Court Decision(s) Describes what happed in the litigation process up to the point of the current decision. It would include information concerning who Wonin the lower court(s), who is appealing the lower court decision(s), and what remedies have been granted up until this point.
3) The Legal Issue On Appeal Is the legal controversy that the appellate court is being asked to decide. This part of the brief is always presented in the form of a question.
4) The Holding On Appeal Is the courts answer to the issue on appeal based on a principle of law. This part of the breif is usually a sentence long.
5) The Legal Rationale For The Holding Describe in more detail why the court decided the issue in favor of one party rather than the other.