Ommon Academix Expectation In An American University

Goals: work with syntheses of information from several sources and to differentiate between primary and secondary information
2.To improve thesis development and rhetorical organization skills
3. To adrdress the shortfalls noted in assignment #1

Point to consider:
In this assignment you need to analyz the information contained in the Seattle University Undergraduate or Graduate bulleting of information as it pertains to both students in general and students in your chosen major or discipline. In addition you will draw open sources of information regarding the goals and expectations of other American Universities, specifically, you should determine the following:

1. what issues does the university see as important in student education? please include a discussion of important qualities in the education of all students, and not just those in your major (my major: finance)
2.what are the courses listed as your major requirement and why does the university require these particular courses for graduates in your professions.
3.Which courses are included as required and which as electives? why
4.What does the university hope that students learn or achieve in their overall course of study?
5.What types of skills does the university expect its graduate to have.

1.Your paper needs to specify the goals and prerities of american university for student education and professional qualification, based on Seattle University Bulletin, the seattle University website, other official Seattle university publications or three other similiar sources on other american universities. addition, your paper has to explain why the university has these particular goals and prorioties, with reference to the information contained in American cultural Patters, i.e how american culture influences the university expectation of its students and their qualification.

3. then you need to develop a coherent and synthesized paper that present analyses of your findings.

4. Make sure that you are consistent in your documentation.

To Writer: Please use a simple language in this essay. Thanks 🙂