Ommon Assignment Individual Leadership Growth Reflection

The Individual Leadership Growth Reflection is a summative reflection paper that addresses the integration and application of the leadership concepts, techniques, strategies and perspectives presented in this course. It is designed to provide an opportunity for you to speak to the relevant self-discoveries that have emerged in relation to your individual growth as a leader.

As this project is intended to be a comprehensive reflection of your leadership development in this course, I encourage you to read all of your self-assessments and reflection papers in order throughout the semester and report on any common themes or insights you may observe.

In addition, you should connect your self-analysis to the scholarly research on a chosen leadership theory. You may choose from 3 leadership theories including Authentic Leadership, Transformational Leadership, and Servant Leadership to serve as your foundation for your writing. Describe why you closely identify with the chosen leadership theory and how it impacts your individual development and growth as a leader.

Specifically, it is recommended that you present at least 3 well-developed individual leadership development strategies that will support you as a leader in your workplace or intended workplace setting.

Parameters of the Summative Reflection
a?The reflection should be well-written in narrative format
a?APA citation should be used
a?The body of the paper should be between 4-5 pages
without sources/references please