Ommon barriers to successful strategy implementation and they may be overcome.

TMA 05
Selecting concepts from Block 5 as appropriate to your discussion, explain some common
barriers to successful strategy implementation and how they may be overcome with
regard to the BRF 2015 strategy for Brasil Foods (evaluated in TMA 04).
You should write your answer as a report from the perspective of an independent strategy
consultant to the board of directors i?? but with appropriate academic referencing. Ensure
that you make relevant and critical use of your selected concepts.
Guidance to students
This question requires you to make it clear what aspects of the BRF 2015 strategy you
think are likely to be problematic in implementation and what recommendations you would
make to overcome such implementation problems. You also need to demonstrate how
both problems and solutions relate to material in Block 5. The concepts you choose (both
to clarify problems and suggest solutions) can be from anywhere in the Block but part of
the challenge of the assignment is to demonstrate your ability to select them appropriately
and apply them with critical understanding, and practicality.