Ommon Theme in Dollhouse, My Mistress Eyes and Beauty

Choose one theme that has emerged from the readings we have done in class.
Theme: Appearance and Reality
Alternative theme: woman and beauty
Then choose three works from our class readings that deal with this theme and compare and contrast what they have to say about it. How do the works portray your chosen theme? What questions do they ask or conclusions do they draw about it.
1. A Dollas House (Ibsen)
2. My Mistresses Eyes (Shakespeare)
3. Beauty by Carla Bethany
Cite the works you write about using MLA format.
Here is a list of things I will look for in your essay when I grade it:
a? A thesis statement that answers the assignment question;
a? A thoughtful and interesting response to the assignment question throughout the paper;
a? Use of relevant detail from the works to back up your interpretation;
a? Correct use of quotations from the works;
a? Logically-organized, coherent, and unified paragraphs;
a? Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling;
a? Correct use of MLA format.
A theme that I find consistent in the play, The Doll House and the short story Beauty is that of unreliable appearances. In The Doll House the characters such as Nora, Torvold and Krogstad grow and change throughout the play. They develop to be quite the opposite of what we first believed of them. Nora at first appeared to be naA?ve and child-like and by the end of the play we find her to be smart, mature and strong. Unlike Torvold whose character becomes weak and selfish. Our perspective of Krogstad also changes throughout the play from a cold vindictive person to a forgiving and merciful character. The unreliable appearance is also a common theme in Beauty by Carla Bethany when we hear Carla speak of the problems she faces for being beautiful. Our perspective of Carlaas egotistic character changes to pity. Somehow Shakespeare poem, a?My Mistressas Eyesa? reflects that same theme but I canat seem to put my finger on how to approach it. Shakespeare speaks about his mistress in realistic approaches and basically