Ommonality in Signaling of Endocrine Disruption from Snail to Human

1. Why is it important to understand the molecular mechanisms of hormone receptor sensitivity in various wildlife species?

2. In addition to disrupting hormone receptor function, what other components of hormone signaling pathways can be disrupted by contaminants? Speculate on the implications of such disruption for an organism.

3. Identify one example of endocrine disruption for each of the following taxa:
a. Mammals
b. Birds
c. Reptiles
d. Amphibians
e. Fishes
f. Invertebrates

4. What is the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily?

5. In what ways can signaling via the RXR:PPAR pathway influence metabolism?

6. What do you think about the plausibility of the obesogen hypothesis? What information is needed to establish this link in humans?