Ommuication Fundamentals of Speech Comm

Please write one page paper as non-religious person by following the instructions. (Personal Information: I am NOT Christian. No religion. So write it as my points.)

Watch this video first: her to work on to improve?
13. What do you think is the most valuable thing you learned about public speaking from watching this presentation?

Ommuication Fundamentals of Speech Comm

Written Response Assignment #1
Response to Speaker
The Evil Empire by Ronald Reagan

(Personal Information: I am Asian and male, not Christian)

Locate this speech online on You Tube or After viewing the video, answer the following questions regarding your reactions to the presentation and the speaker. Use size 12 font as you record your responses. Answer under each question (if the answer is known) below with single space type. Turn in as a hard copy and answer in complete sentences.

1. Name of the speaker and position
2. Date, time, and place the speech was presented. Describe how the physical context for the speech impacted the speaker.
3. Describe the audience. How large was the group?
4. The title and topic of the speech
5. In your opinion, what was the speakeras goal?
6. How did the speaker open the speech?
7. Summarize the main points and a brief summary of the speech (100-150 words)
8. How did the speaker conclude his/her speech?
9. Describe the speakeras delivery style. Include eye contact, vocal variety, posture, gestures, and enthusiasm.
10. How did the speaker adapt the speech and/or speaking style to the audience? Did the speaker use personal experiences, stories, quotes, news items, etc.?
11. What were you most impressed with about the speaker and/or the speech?
12. If you were coaching this speaker, what would you tell him/her to work on to improve?
13. What do you think is the most valuable thing you learned about public speaking from watching this presentation?

Be sure to put your name on this assignment. No specific length required. Turn in as a hard copy and be sure to answer the questions with complete sentences.

Ommuication Fundamentals of Speech Comm

A professional presentation requires both quality content as well as a polished delivery.

1 Which one do you feel is more crucial to the success of a presentation

2 You have made 3 thought-provoking comments in response to your classmates posts. Agree and disagree respectfully. Support your opinions with examples.

I feel like the quality of the content is more important than the delivery. i dont pay attention to speakers based on how they present but on what they present. The delivery does have a big importance but whats the point of making a good delivery if the content isnt that great? i had a keynoter last year at a church camp that wasnt a very good public speaker. He said alot of Umsand Ya know what i mean?and his eye contact wasnt all there. but everyone paid attention to him because what he had to say was important. Some people will never be good at public speaking but we shouldnt discredit what they say because they dont know how to present it.”

Quality content. Id rather receive a precious gem in a cardboard box then receive a mud pie in a finely decorated one. Truth has nothing to hide, but falsehood is eventually found out.”

I feel that the quality content is more crucial. For me, I do not feel the delivery is very crucial. I have trouble all the time getting up in front of people, so I do not judge people on how well they present. If it is an interesting topic for me, I will pay attention no matter how Polishedthe delivery is.”