Ommunicable Diseases: Legal And Ethical Issues Facing The Health Care Provider.

paper topic should be submitted to me in writing a email or a note in class is fine. The
paper should be between 7 and 10 typed pages, 12 point font, with justified
margins not less than .8 inch and not more than 1.0 inch. The paper should
involve an issue that is impacted by at least one major or significant health law, with
appropriate citations, and will include an Executive Summary (not more than one page)
that will concisely explain the issue, the related law(s), a summarized analysis and the
conclusion or result reached. Following submission of the papers, the students will
each present their Executive Summary to the class orally. If using PowerPoint slides,
please limit your slides to 4. Up to three students may prepare a paper together,
with each receiving the same grade based on the paper and the oral presentation given
by each.
You should list all sources in a bibliography, whether it is a website, a newspaper
article, magazine, case citation or journal. I do not necessarily care about a particular
format for the bibliography, just be certain to clearly identify your sources.
PLAGIARISM is a major offense and could result in a zero grade on your paper. The
bibliography does NOT count in the required page count, but the Executive Summary does counta¦

Topic selectedCommunicable Diseases: Legal And Ethical Issues Facing The Health Care Provider.