Ommunicating Across Organizational Boundaries

Choose a country from either website below. Using information from both websites, discuss some important aspects to be aware of when communicating with colleagues from the country you chose. Discuss at least (3) different points and use examples in your report.


Communicating for Managerial Effectiveness (Clampitt, 2013)Chapter 8
Applying Communication Theory for Professional Life, A Practical Introduction (Dainton & Zelley, 2010)Chapter 6

The assignments consist of various a?think piecea short reports and article reviews that
enable you to use your critical thinking and analysis skills to apply what you are learning. These assignments are not solely opinion papersa although your a?anglea? on the subject matter at hand is encouraged. Please support your suggestions and recommendations with outside sources. (Note: Wikipedia is not considered an acceptable
source for this particular graduate level course.) Two sources are required for each assignment:
a?The course textbooks
a?An outside a?crediblea source.
You are welcome to use materials posted in the weekly modules and in the a?Resourcesa?
area of this course as your 2nd source. Proper grammar is expected; typos, grammatical
errors and unorganized writing will diminish your score. Please proof, proof, proof, and
proof again!

Due Date:
a?Papers are due by the end of the module week.
a?No papers will be accepted after the last day of the Module week.
You will receive a a?zero a if your report is not received by the end of the week it is due.
a?Microsoft Word is the acceptable document format.
a?The length of each paper is 2-3 pages.
a?Margins are set at one inch on all four sides.
a?Text is double-spaced using 12 pt., Times New Roman font.
a?No cover page is required.

For APA papers make sure you have a running head on the top left. Also include an Introduction section and a Conclusion and Recommendations section. All headings should be in boldface.