Ommunicating collective identities (business and marketing)

This essay has 3 sections, each section is a question that needs to be answered, each answer should be around 500 words,

The first question is: What do brand owners learn from evaluation, and how does it help them increase effectiveness?
(you will need to read chapter 23 of the core reading)

The second Question is: How might we describe some of the unintended consequences of branded communications, at the social and cultural level?
(you will need to read chapter 9 of the core reading)

The third question is: How does campaign integration help brands meet their strategic objectives?
(you will need to read chapters 24-29 of the core reading that is listed below)

All of the questions are dealt with in David Pickton and Amanda Brodericks Integrated Marketing Communications (2005), Pearson Education
This is the core text for this assignment

I will be also attaching a full brief for each questionthe briefs will give a much more detailed account of how the question should be answered and ideas on what to include in the answer.