Ommunicating in Film: Styles and Movements : FILM STUDIES

Essay Topics (Please choose one)
1. On this module, we learn that narrative films use many of the techniques of continuity editing to tell
stories or make meaning. With specific references to two films that we have studied and that are not
made in the continuity editing style, discuss what other ways filmmakers may tell stories or make
2. Cinematography encompasses a series of techniques by which filmmakers communicate via
images. With reference to two specific sequences in a film that we have studied, discuss how the
film manages to develop narratives, characters, and mood with its use of cinematography.
3. Films are often analogous to dreams. With specific reference to two films that we have studied so
far, consider the extent to which such a comparison might hold true.
i · Give your essay an appropriate title that is representative of its contents.
i · Make sure that you watch the films again (and again) and that you are not talking about them from
memory. Make references to specific sequences as examples to get your point across. Do not
make unsubstantiated assertions.
i · Read about the topic that you have chosen (do some research in the library).
i · Make sure you have an argument or points for discussion before you start writing (give your essay
some structure).
i · Proof read your essay before submission (mind your paragraphs, format, tone of voice, spelling,
punctuation, expressions, word limit). You will get a grade for this, so do not write as if you are
casually addressing a friend.
i · Do not forget your bibliography. We use the Harvard referencing system.

**********pick one of the questions and the list of films that we have watched are ...
Days of Heaven (1978)
Psycho (1960)
Memento (2000)
Blackmail (1929)

ive put 10 references but use as many as you can or will get me 2:2