there are two attachments, one is the reading topic post katrina by pete cali, and the second is some instructions on what to write for the paper with 10 questions. this assignment should be written as the following: 2 pages that summarize the attached reading topic Post katrinathe summary should have an introduction paragraph, body, and conclusion. after the summary is written, there is another attachment, which is the 10 questions. these questions are to be answered either from the Post katrinaattachment, or personal research, or both combined, the personal research and post katrina attachment. yet the answers should be varying with three choices, also varying in lengths, each question should have an answer with at least a paragraph with 6 to 7 lines that are stright forward and understandable logically, or more. the grading will be based on content and the fact of answering the question it self. in other words, there should be clear answer that tells that writer knows what is the questions and the correct answer for it. i chose 7 pages, 2 are for the summery and 4 for the question answer part, the 5th is for the references. if 6 references are too much, it is allowed to use 4. if 6 are too little, it is allowed to use more. in the question answer part, before typing the answer, the question should be written as a bullet point, then the answer should be written beneath it. the font was addressed in class to be 12, and the theme is times new roman. please contact me if needed any further calcification. thank you to the extreme. note: please let the paper straight forward and well written with graphs and pictures. thank you soooo much