Ommunicating through Social Media: Studentsa Experiences

Please have it as a report style. The report is about students using social media.

1 Evidence of reading beyond lecture notes, inc on methods
2 Claims backed up by evidence
3 Succinct recounting of theory and previous studies
4 Details on application of method inc methods lit, design, sample, procedure
5 Thoughtful interpretation of data
6 Systematic presentation of data
7 Succinct summary of conclusions
8 Critical reflection on experience

I will include questionnaire and photos and focus group that reflect how students feel about social media. (The majority of students use social media as a means of communication and how it has taken over their lives)

Ommunicating through Social Media: Studentsa Experiences

this essays about communication and there are some reading sources that might help you to finish the work. the first upload is the lecture note. second and the third upload is the reading recourses. and the forth upload page 5 is the guideline that how this essay should be done. the formate is in below.

1 Literature review (1000 words) covering use of social media at work
2 Method (500 words) covering method and procedure of data collection
3 Analysis (750 words) covering results of data collection (main themes to come out of the group discussions)
4 Conclusion (250 words) covering main points of results and practical implications
5 Critical Evaluation (500 words) covering reflection on experience (what you learnt from exercise)
6 Appendix (not included in word count) including references and, for example, focus group questions