Ommunication analysis on gender equality in the work place

Goals of the assignment: So, what exactly are you supposed to do? Again, you will do a communication analysis of a text related to rhetoric and gender.
But what does it mean to do an i??originali?? study? Leti??s say you are interested in queer politics. More specifically, you are interested in public discussions of gay marriage. You could read what other scholars, communication scholars writing about gender and sexuality, have said about queer identities. And you will do some of that in this paper. But, and this is crucial, you will also spend some time gathering newspaper articles about gay marriage, and you will do your own analysis of the communication surrounding gay marriage. You will look at how the topic is discussed and what ideas of gender are communicated. Or perhaps you are interested in gender and media, with a more specific interest in how media depicts masculinity. Again, you will gather academic research on masculinity, from communication scholars. And then you might select a contemporary film that you think will help us understand how masculinity is represented and with what insights and implications. You will do an analysis of the film for its implications for the communication of masculinity.

Main sections of your paper: Theory, analysis, introduction, and conclusion
Across all of the possible topics, your paper should have a theoretical section in which you make an argument about communication and gender, specifically narrowed to fit your topic. So, if you are studying media and masculinity, your theoretical argument might be about media representations of masculinity, or it might be about hegemonic masculinity.

You will then do your own rhetorical/critical analysis. You should be looking at some text (i.e., newspapers, television, film), and you analyzing that text for what it tells us about gender. You might be discussing the ways in which media talks about men and masculinity through references to bodies or to strength.

Of course, your paper will also have an introduction that frames your topic in an interesting and engaging way while it also establishes the significance of your topic. Your introduction will also be the place where you get bold and tell us what it is that you want to argue about rhetoric and gender. And, your paper will have a strong conclusion that both provides a summary and reinforces the argument that you want to make in your paper.

Grading Criteria for Paper: Your paper will be graded on several dimensions including completeness (everything asked for is included in the paper), organization of ideas, clarity (how clearly are the ideas expressed), critical thinking (the paper goes beyond description or facts, and reflects your intellectual engagement with and analysis of concepts discussed in class or the texts), and style (the chosen style is used consistently and correctly, the paper has been proofread for spelling and grammatical errors).