Ommunication and Counselling Skills Essay

Assessment Criteria To achieve each outcome a student must demonstrate the ability to:
a? Provide a 2000 word essay in which a range of counselling perspectives will be identified and compared.
a? Critically evaluate and analyse the current ethical codes and boundaries in relation to professional counselling. Include the challenges/legalities of recording and transferring sensitive information.
a? Evaluate the importance and value of counselling and effective communication skills within health and social care settings and delivery.


To provide a 2000 word essay analysing various theoretical perspectives used in counselling. To review the current ethical codes and boundaries that apply to professional counselling. To evaluate the role and importance of communication and counselling skills in Health and Social Care.

1. Write an introduction to include the aim and purpose of the assignment.

2. Identify and compare a range of counselling perspectives used in counselling interactions. For example Cognitive Behavioural therapy.

3. Critically analyse and evaluate the current ethical codes and boundaries related to professional practice in counselling. Include issues arising in the recording and transferring of sensitive information.
4. Critically evaluate the importance and value of communication and counselling skills within Health and Social Care.

Present as a full and detailed response which is clear, coherent and well structured.
Use of appropriate syntax and a sense of style.
Demonstrate evidence of a thorough understanding of key concepts related to the topic.

6. Correct and appropriate referencing and a bibliography are required. Include word count. Demonstrate wide reading of academically sound sources.

ATTENTION:IN INTRODUCTION explain whats going on essay then in main body must choose 2 theory of 3 theory which are 1. psychodynamic or 2. cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)or 3.person centered therapy

the other one should discuss is about BACP(BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR COUNSELLING & PSYCHOLOGY)pick it element of BACP.BACP its about regulation ,conduct,confidentiality and relationship between counselor
and client.And impact of negative and positive communication and counselling within health and social care.