Ommunication and Discourse Civic Theatre”

Renkema states: a?Every (piece of) discourse has to be studied in its social context, in the
culture and situation in which it appearsa (2004,p.46), while Gee describes Discourses as a?out
in the world and history as coordinations (a?a dancea?) of people, places, times, actions,
interactions, verbal and non-verbal expression, symbols, things, tools, and technologies that
betoken certain identities and associated activitiesa (2005, p.32).

Using unobtrusive research methods (Kellehear 1993) collate observational data by locating
yourself at your chosen site as an objective onlooker. In your written report you will need to
analyse the discourses which make certain styles of language, appearance and behaviour seem
natural at your chosen site.

a? Identify some of the obvious verbal (conversations, instructions etc.) and less obvious
non-verbal (e.g. signage, gestural) interactions taking place at your site. What do
these social languages reveal about the place and the people there?

a? Note the age, sex, ethnicity and dress of others present. What do these aspects reveal
about their role/s at the site and how others may respond to or recognize/identify
them? Are they indicators of any power relationships?

a? How are certain discourses revealed through features of the siteas material culture?
For example, are there symbolic elements, colour schemes, furniture styles, layouts,
architectural features which reveal important information about the discourses you

IMPORTANT: This is a FIELD TRIP REPORT based on a location in Newcastle, Australia. i require an Australian writer. The place is CIVIC THEATRE.”

CONTENTS PAGE Introduction
(short overview of FTR research task and aim of report)
Method (researcheras approach as non-participant & techniques for
collating information)
Discussion & Analysis(you may choose to develop sub-headings or
not a the choice is yours).
Note: ensure that in your Discussion & Analysis section that you
integrate theoretical material from CMNS3270 Course Content.