Ommunication and Learning Skills in Computer Science

There will be 3 sections in this report.
1) Write an individual report (750 words). The topic is How social networks have affected the way we communicate?”
2) My Personal Profile (300 words)
3) My first semester at Level 4: performance and achievements. (200 words)

I will provide more details (document) for your information.

Referencing Requirements:
Report should be a structured document, consisting of the following sections: introduction; a section describing the topic (divided into sub-sections as appropriate); a conclusion; an annotated referencesa section, i.e. a referencesa section, using the Harvard system, where you provide a two-three lines commentary on each particular reference/source (e.g. a?what was the book/website etc. abouta; a?how useful the book/website etc. was to your worka etc).