Ommunication between killer whales while hunting

A brief title

Intro to be 1 page roughly, introduce big picture, narrow down till eventually stating 3 objectives of the proposal to support hypothesis.

Research Plan and Methodology

How data will be collected for each objective (where, what, how, when, etc), concluding paragraph stating prediction of each objective.

Conclusion: what should others be able to take away from this, overall predicted results.

Significance: How will this impact scientific community

Only journal articles for sources.

General topic I presented is how killer whales use vocal and body communication to organize their coordinated attacks when hunting, such as wave washing and bubble columns.

My idea was to have 2 objectives looking at vocal communication used and body language/gesturing separately and then to compare hunting efficiency in the third, but please feel free to change it however you see fit. What ever is best.

I will upload a mock proposal provided for formatting of the paper. The quality should not be used as a standard as it was written poorly intentionally to show what not to do.

Added on 09.03.2015 17:15
Mock proposal attached. I would like to point out this isnt an actual research proposal, its merely an assignment for a course that happens to be making a mock research proposal.