Ommunication Dashboard project -zipcar company

Communication Dashboard project (60% of total grade)

This project involves the application of Katie Paineas assessment methodology to the assessment of a communication vehicle or campaign. The Communication Dashboard Project is the capstone research project for all students in the Masteras of Corporate and Organizational Communication program.

Project contents (Format: Word document, single-spaced, 5000-7000 words, including charts and graphs -any data or measurement tools like survey questions should be placed in an appendix at the end of the paper). See attached a more detailed description of the project sections:

Description of communication vehicle or campaign and definition of communication and business objectives
Description of organizational environment and target audiences
Description of benchmarks -internal and external
Definition of key performance indicators -must include thought process in deciding on KPIs
Measurement tools and data
Analysis of results and recommendations for improvement
Dashboard Visuals -must include thought process behind design
Note: for this project, we are skipping the determination of ROI (Paines step 3).

As part of this project, students must design two measurement tools, deploy them, and analyze the results. Since this is a research project, you should follow the APA guidelines for documentation and citations -see the Purdue Online Writing Lab in the Websites tab. Students should reference at least 10 external sources in the paper, in addition to course materials.

See attached Dashboard project examples -the formats vary slightly.